Tips To Keep Your Mobile Phone Secure

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Mobile phones that have multiple functions similar to those functions that you expect from a regular computer named as smartphone. These smartphones manufactured by a number of manufacturers such as Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola and LG. Smartphone users increasing day by day as smartphones handle many functions. But most of the users never think about the safety of smartphones. Let us discuss some tips to keep your mobile phones safe from thieves.

Lock Your Phone:

The most common technique to protect your data saved in your handset is locking your phone with strong password. Most of the mobile phones have option of setting an alphanumeric password. Most of the android models make use of the lock pattern and even fingerprint sensor to lock the device. So that if your mobile phone stolen by unknown person, he/she can’t access your personal data from your phone. When you are setting pattern as password, don’t set H as pattern as most of the thieves try for H pattern at first.

Know the way your phone is located:

Always keep your mobile phone in the same place after using it. This will avoid the chances of missing your mobile phone. But now with the help of GPS feature, you can easily locate your lost phone. It does not matter whether you left your phone in car or friend’s house, you have a good chance of finding it if you are using tracking software.

Use Software:

There are a number of websites available on internet to track your lost mobile phone’s location. Some of the websites available for free and you can make use of it. You can use on browser or else download the tracking application to trace the location. They also allow you to set the phone to ring loudly so that you can find it, when your phone present within the audible range. This tracking security software allows you to remotely lock your mobile phone so that thieves cannot access the information within it or use it for any purpose. They offer further options such as being able to unlock the phone when it is in the hands of someone who you can trust to return it, for instance.


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