Tips For Building Trivia Questions

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People who write trivia questions can find a lot a lot of fun in it. It can also be daunting task to get the right mix of questions to make a quiz that should not be too hard or too easy and, that makes user to share with their friends and family easily. Here are the 5 tips that has to be considered when writing a trivia quiz:

Title of Quiz:

The title you are going to make should have some fun in order to make people smile, and it should be timely too. When you combine them at the right time, it will create some interest among participants.

Strategy with the Topics:

It is better to have some strategy for what topics your questions will cover the given title. For example, your topic is about U.S.A then, writing U.S Cities trivia questions will make some sense. Instead if you frame questions related to other country’s cities it won’t be good. Frame your question with some strategy to create some interest among people.

Order the Questions:

It is necessary to maintain some order in questions to make the user to feel a real thrill. For instance, make the first question funny and easy so that people can start really well. Place the harder questions in the middle or at the end of the quiz list.

Randomly Position your Correct Answers:

Once you framed your trivia questions, the next thing you should concentrate is positioning the correct answers. You can choose three or four answers option. First you can arrange them like the letters A, B, C and D and then you come back and put in the correct answer in a varied way. Try to frame the quiz in such format which will give a proper format.

While making trivia questions it is necessary to make one tough question by having all the answers be nearly identical. However, if you make all your answers really tough then people will score poorly so, don’t forgot to make only few questions with tough answers. When you follow all the above necessary tips, it will not only help you to build some good set trivia quiz, but also make people to be interested on answering all those questions.



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