Thailand Travel Ideas

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When you plan to visit Thailand, you will visit Bangkok and you will be confused to visit the places, as there are so many to visit. Bangkok is the capital, and the most populous city in Thailand. It is essential to plan and begin your trip in the city. Street Vendors selling fried scorpions and huhu grubs, tuk-tuk drives. The city has a marvelous choice of temples. It will be your world-class experience that you will feel on visiting Thailand.

However in the last 20 years, Thailand has been evolving from faraway destination for hardened travelers and thus becoming a package holiday. With its airlines facilities connecting many parts of the world, Thailand is now also a family travel destination. For budget travelers, again Thailand is the best holiday destination.

The majority of international flights to Thailand arrive in Bangkok and, when you arrives the city, you will have many places to visit here. You will admire the golden temples of Bangkok. Head onto amazing floating markets and out of the city to the northeast called Soi 1. This little street was not maintained properly once, as it seems to be dirty place, but now renovated in such a way to promote tourism. The most popular menu will be intestines and entrails of the street stalls. And of course, there is an array of locally cooked curries, pad thai and sticky rice for those Thailand travelers with slightly weaker stomachs. There will be different varieties of sea foods, which is also famous in Thailand, hence while planning your Thailand tour don’t forget to enjoy those mouth-watering foods especially.

Traveling to the north of Thailand is a must, as the jungle is dense and teaming with wildlife. While traveling to north Thailand, you can plan your night stay at Chiang Mai. A night in Chiang Mai will give you time to visit local markets and explore the old town but don’t stay too long as there are lot of places to explore more in this region.

If you further head on to the north west of Thailand, you will enjoy the most beautiful serene country side and you will be travelling through the mountains where you will get cool breeze where you will enjoy the views of little towns which will make your journey well worthwhile. In addition to the above places, there is lot more to explore in Thailand and in the city of Bangkok.


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