Tips on Styling Dining Room Table With Bench

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A set of a dining room table with bench is perfect for all kinds of family occasion. Dining room is a place where family and friends gather together to enjoy good meal and great conversations. It is a place where you spend your time with your loved ones after a long day of exhausting work. A dining room does not have to be big, because the most important thing is warmth.

Having a dining table that is set with bench seat is one of the simplest approach to having warmth in the dining room. The bench will allow the members to sit anywhere and anyhow they like. The bench seat also allows more people to join in. To choose the perfect bench seat that will fit perfectly with your dining table, here are some useful tips.

Measuring The Dining Room

Before you go on buying a set of dining table and bench, what you need to do first is to measure the dining room using best laser level. It is an important step that you should not miss because if you buy a table set that can not fit, it would be another problem. After getting the room’s measurement, the next on the list is to create blocking for your dining room. You will need other things aside from the table set such as shelves, wine chest, pantry, and storage for tableware. Do not forget to allow some space in between each furniture. Give plenty of room between the table set and the walls or furniture to prevent unnecessary accident. The extra space will give way to people to walk around freely, without having to bother the ones seating.

Choosing The Dining Table Set

After exact measurements have been done, it is time to choose the table set. There are plenty of dining table shape and size that you can choose from. For a table set with bench, the best dining table would be the rectangular or oval dining table. Round dining table is best for a table set with separate chairs.

The bench can be put on two sides of the table, or one side only, depending on how you would like the set to look like. You can choose the six piece dining table set which consists of one long table, four chairs, and one bench. Another simpler set is the three piece set, in which the bench seat is placed in the corner, covering two sides of the table. For the bench, you can choose a plain bench or a bench topped with mattress. If you want the bench seat to be more comfortable, you can choose a bench seat with back. There are a lot of ways to style the dining room table with bench.

Matching The Table Set

In choosing the dining table set, you should pay attention to the overall interior design of your home. If you have a modern home, then it is best of you choose a dining table set with minimalistic design, made of stainless steel or painted wood. For a rustic themed home, a rustic table set with classic touch will suit the home best. For a natural and warm look, a plain wooden table set would do just fine.

Buying a set of matching furniture will also add unity to the overall look of the dining room. Matching furniture means matching colors and style. This is to create a spacious feel inside the dining room. Creating a dining room means creating a warm place for everyone. Therefore, choose furniture colors that are not too dark. If you choose the dark colors, balance everything out by having light colored wooden floor or soft pastel wall paint. Installing a good lighting will also add warmth to the room. Choose the yellow shades and avoid dim lighting.


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