Popular Card Games

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Nowadays, card games becoming more popular among people around globe. Some of the card games are generally placed in the family of card games and most of them are not. One such popular card family game is Bridge game. In contrast to this, a newly developed game of not belonging to card family is Sixchex. Let us see briefly about these two games.

Bridge card games:

Bridge card game is a popular game among card game lovers. Amongst all bridge card games, the most popular game is contract bridge. Most of the newspapers around the world have daily bridge columns. Bridge competitions is more around the world to become “bridge masters”.

Bridge is a card game played with a standard pack of fifty-two cards. It requires four or more players. This is considered as a complex game that requires much skill and some element of luck. Usually articulate and sharp-minded people play such game and it is a great source of entertainment. Usually player play it in clubs or in the house.

Types of Bridge Games:

There are various types of bridge games with different rules. They are rubber-bridge, duplicate bridge, Chicago-bridge and honeymoon-bridge games.

  1. Rubber-bridge is the basic form of contract bridge, played by four players. This type of game is usually played in clubs and, it is also played for money.
  2. Duplicate bridge is another type of bridge game usually played in clubs, competitions and matches. The game is basically the same as rubber-bridge game but, here element of risk is reduced. Here more than eight players are required to play the game.
  3. Chicago-bridge is played by four players, and the game is completed in four deals.
  4. In honeymoon bridge game, there are only two players. There are various types of bridge games enjoyed by different people around the world.

Sixchex Card Game:

This is the newly developed world’s first card game in six dimensions such as pictures, colors, numbers, letters, shapes, and symbols. With such combination, you are allowed to dozens of new card games. Some of the games, you can play with Sixchex are Sixchex-Six-way Matching card game, Six-minutes card game, Mix and Match card game, Psychol card game and Card Hunt card game etc. Such an amazing fun deck of 72 six-way Playing Cards suitable for everyone in your family for playing.



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