One Bernam Floor Plan

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One Bernam Building is a luxury residential property with the potential to become one of the most luxurious residential properties in Singapore. One Bernam is located at the corner of Jalan Dora and Jalan Macpum. This luxury residential property has been designed by Tanque Sunthorn, the famous Thai interior designer. It is a beautifully designed building with prominent glass facades. The One Bernam Floor plan consists of five floors and seven apartment units. These luxury residential properties have been meticulously planned and are constructed from state-of-the-art materials and construction techniques.

One Floor plan is a high-end luxury residential property that is fully furnished. One Floor plan has four apartment units with a total floor area of 101 square meters. One Floor plan has the most comprehensive and sophisticated features compared to other residential properties. One Floor plan consists of apartments with a high proportion of Grade A or higher. The One Bernam Floor plan has the best blend of technology and design to create an ultra-modern living space in the midst of the lively cosmopolitan city of Singapore.

The Floor plan offers you a magnificent rooftop garden that is surrounded by lush tropical gardens. The roof garden at One Bernam offers spectacular views of the city and Botanical gardens at Jalan Manarat. The project also offers an underground tunnel system that connects the One Bernam property with the other buildings in the development. The tunnel system is made from hand-carved granite tiles that run for 365 feet linking the basement and One Bernam floors.

The One Bernam Floor plans have a wide range of apartments like One Bernam Terrace, One Bernam Condo, One Bernam Granite Floor and One Bernam Capella Floor to name a few. These projects are completed by world-class architects to whom the interior design is given top priority. These premium projects of this project have been awarded with many awards including the “A” category in the “iors” category of the prestigious International Interior Design Awards.

The One Bernam Terrace has spacious interiors that are modern in design. This project also features a club lounge area that provides a cozy area to relax during the evenings. There are two restaurants in this floor plan. One restaurant serves continental, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisines and the other one serves Thai, Chinese and Indian delicacies. The restaurants are open all day long so one can enjoy lunch and dinner with friends and family.

One Bernam Condo has two loft-style apartments. The One Bernam Condo has a penthouse on the top floor. This project also has a large rooftop. One other thing that impresses most of the visitors here is the One Bernam Terrace which is only accessible from the top floor of the apartment. Hence, this project has one of the fastest and the most convenient elevators in the city.

One Capella Floor plan has an elegant yet chic ambiance. The One Capella Floor Plan has a very unique style and it has been designed especially for commercial use. This project is completed by world-class architects who have a proven track record in the commercial projects. It also includes a spa section along with sauna baths. One has an option to bring a private deck or balcony onto this floor plan.

All these projects are completed by world-class architects. All the apartments and homes are fully furnished and offer amazing views of the city. One Bernam Floor Plan also has a fitness centre with a swimming pool. One can work out and train here at the gym and enjoy the benefits of a well maintained and beautifully maintained facility for exercise. One can also avail of various other services offered here such as dry cleaning and home delivery of the products used in the project.


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