Intelligence Quotient – What does It Mean?

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An intelligence Quotient is a score that is obtained from several standard tests designed to assess a person’s intelligence. An intelligence tests will examine a person’s mental capabilities and compare them with the abilities of others by using the numerical scores. Although, Intelligence Quotient tests were introduced to check the intelligence in children, but now a days it is widely been used by almost everyone in the World.

An average score of IQ test is 100, if a person score below 100 then they are considered as a less smart person. There is nothing to worry about it because an IQ score will not be constant every time. There some certain methodologies to improve an IQ. Few strategies to improve an IQ in a person are listed below:

  • Reading more books mainly on the topics of Science and Mathematics will help you to know more about the world and hence it expands your knowledge in Science.

  • Solving puzzles and many brain challenge games will increase force your brain to think logically. The logical thinking capacity will be increased if you make time to solve some puzzles, cross words, playing chess and different brain games.

  • Do everyday routine in a different way, by doing this you will challenge your brain to adopt new things and to relearn all the skills.

  • Meditate atleast 20 minutes in a day. Meditation is the best way to relax and enhances the brain functionality. Meditation has been shown to improve the blood flow to the brain in turn increasing the functionality of brain.

  • Start practicing regular physical and brain exercises.

  • Include Vitamins like A, D and E, antioxidants, protein in your regular diet. All these nutrients will increase the brain’s production of some hormones.

  • Avoid eating junk foods on daily basis. Many studies have shown that healthy diet contribute to a higher IQ, so always eat healthy foods.

  • Explore new things daily, learn new hobby or a new language. All this activities will keep your brain active.

If a person follows all the above tips, the difference in the IQ test score can be seen well. Many researches have found these tips will impact in increasing the intelligence in a person. Not only this there are yet many techniques to increase the IQ of a person.


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