Dog Dna Sample Collection

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Dog DNA testing has become quite common these days. The procedure provides a wonderful array of benefits like dna test for dogs to determine breed. You have to first take the sample from the dog and then should send it to the company where DNA testing is performed and the results finally arrive by post or through email.

In order to get the DNA tests done, you have to first collect the sample using the dog breed identifier kit. Then you have to send it to the lab for testing. The kit will usually come with detailed instructions which will explain how you have to get the sample from the dog. In order to get a DNA sample, you have to initially inspect the area within your dog’s mouth to find out if any food debris is stuck between the cheek and the gums. In the next step, open the swab package and peel its edges without touching the bristles.

In the next step, roll the swab bristles against the inside portion of your dog’s cheek. Now take the sample and allow it to dry for about five minutes before you put the swab back into the sleeve. You have to however wait for about two hours after the dog has had a meal before collecting its DNA sample.

You should allow the swab to dry by itself in a clean and isolated area. Also you should take care to check that the swab does not come in contact with people, dogs or even dirty surfaces. The bristles should dry in the air and must not come in contact with any other surfaces as otherwise it might affect the results of DNA testing. Once it is dry , take care to put back the swab into the protective sleeve. The bristles should be completely covered but one should take care to not reseal the sleeve.


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