What Does Cheat Code Mean?

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A Cheat code is generally a code or method, or device used by players to go the next level of a game or skip any hard level or adding some special powers to characters of game or getting other special powers and benefits in a game. Cheat code is a series of alphanumeric codes or keyboard combinations. Cheat code is an added advantage for a player over other players who do not use a cheat code.

Cheat codes are not explicitly made known to the players. It can be used by the gamer to do anything to win the game or to move to next level of game. In other words, use of cheat codes is not a traditional way of doing something for the purpose of winning or scoring above competition.

Cheat codes are special codes or methods allowing gamer access to many advantages such as extra lives, more power, changing appearance of character in a game or even changing character itself, extra equipment and higher levels.

Initially, cheat codes were initially used as a tool to aid development and testing of various modules of the game. It is like they are kept hidden until the user makes a discovery of the cheat code that it can be used as an advantage in a game to go the next level and many more. Cheat codes are created by the game developer and kept hidden in a game. They are also known as Easter eggs.

However, not all cheat codes are devised as a way to aid in game development. Some cheat codes are created by hackers who identify software bugs in the system and exploit them to get better results from the games.

Cheat codes can be anything like combination of alphabets and letters or secret textual information or combination of inputs or some for executable code etc. You must be careful while downloading some cheat codes, as it may contain malware and will make the total system to behave in an unusual way.

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