Types Of Work Boots

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Types of work boots:

There are many factors to consider while Buying New Work Boots. There are many types of work boots available in the market and you must choose the work boot that suits your workplace well and protect you from any of the workplace hazards. Let us discuss about the different types of work boots used in different working environment.

Safety Toe Boots:

The primary responsibility of safety boots it to protect the toes safe from any injury and it should be the top priority when it comes to selecting the best work boots. There are three types of safety toes such as Steel, Alloy and Composite toes. Depending on the working condition, the toe boots vary with the workplace. For example, under cold weather conditions, steel toe boots avoided. Such workplace, it is better to use composite toe boots.

Plain Toe Boots:

Plain toe boots come without safety toes. This type of boots used in lower dangerous environments. This kind of work boots used in safe work environments. The chances of injury are null at such workplaces i.e. restaurant, medical institutes, teaching arena, etc.

Water-Proof Boots:

If your job demands to work in some wet conditions, you should consider buying a pair of water-proof boots. Leather or Nylon materials used to make water-proof boots. There are many other materials used to make water-proof boots, but still leather and nylon considered as best material. Leather boots are usually heavier and bulkier than the regular ones, while nylon mesh boots are lighter and come with an additional waterproof layer.

Electrical Shock-resistant Boots:

Sometimes you have to work under the conditions where are chances to catch an electrical shock. In such workplace, shock-proof boots should be used. Because, shock-proof boots don’t allow the current to get into the earth through your body and keeps you safe. You must make sure that upper and toes of work boots are shock-proof while buying boots.

Insulated Boots:

These type of work boots used in the workplace of cold weather or winter season. These boots keep your feet inside the shoes warm. You should buy insulated boots only when it is needed in workplace otherwise, wearing them in hot weather can make the feet extremely sweaty and uncomfortable.

Slip-Resistant Boots:

These type of work boots specially made for workers whom work on ships or workplaces having slippery floors. The sole of these work boots is made of a very special rubber that helps staying firm on extremely slippery floors.


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