Tips to Make the Seoul Travelling Experience Easier

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If you are preparing for a long plane trip to Seoul, you may be a little apprehensive about how your child will do. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly and you will all arrive at your Seoul destination in a good mood. However, sometimes things happen that can derail even the most optimistic and prepared traveler. This article on includes three tips that can help make things a little easier for you during your flight and also guide you on  where to stay in Seoul.

Buy or pack several pairs of footie pajamas for your child, and allow him or her to wear a pair when on the plane. Not only is this one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing that your child can be in, it is an easy item of apparel to change your child out of if they have an accident since you aren’t working with multiple pieces. Remember that your child could get sick from the motion of the plane, and if they throw up, a big mess is quite likely. Also, a bathroom accident is a possibility, whether your little one is in diapers or underwear.  Footie pajamas are useful for either of these situations.

If your child is still in diapers, make sure you prepare accordingly. While the overhead compartment is the ideal storage place for most of your things, you do not want to have to stand up, open the compartment and rifle through your belongings to find what you need each time a diaper change is necessary. Prior to leaving, get out a few gallon size plastic bags. In each one, store a diaper, a small packet of wipes (you can put five or size in a sandwich size plastic bag if you’d like) and a disposable travel mat. Put each “packet” in your carry-on. When you get on the plan, pull out the baggies and store them in your seat pockets. It will be simple and quick for you to grab one when you need it.

Have a small bottle (or two!) of travel cleanser in your carry-on bag. You could also get a small pack of antibacterial wet wipes to bring with you. Particularly if your child is younger, he or she is not going to understand the concept of keeping their hands to themselves. Planes are a breeding ground for germs, so these products can help you keep everyone in your family healthy. The last thing that you want is to finally get to your destination, only to find that everyone in your family is coming down with something. Illness can ruin the best planned vacation in a hurry.

It is possible to fly for several hours on a plane with a young child and come out of the experience (relatively) unscathed. However, it is important that you spend some time preparing for your journey. The tips included in this article are meant to help make your life a little easier. Keep them in mind the next time you are getting ready for a family vacation.


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