The WhatsApp Marketing How-To Guide

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There are many different WhatsApp marketing how-to guides out there and if you are someone that wants to see the size of their business grow in tremendous numbers, using such a service is an absolute must. WhatsApp marketing, also called WhatsApp Bulk Sender, is a way to reach a consumer in real time with a variety of appealing offers. You can use WhatsApp to promote a new product, to send out a coupon or a free sample and even for surveys, contests, discounts and so much more. WhatsApp marketing is the way to market your company, and when used with other marketing platforms it is a sound strategy that produces amazing results. Let’s take a look at a bit of WhatsApp marketing how-to so that you can better understand why WhatsApp marketing is so good for you.

How to Use WhatsApp Marketing

Take a look at a few of the many reasons why every business should allow WhatsApp marketing to benefit their company. This information will also enable you to learn just what to do to conduct your own successful campaign.

WhatsApp marketing allows you to communicate about your product or service with your potential customer in a one on one manner, as the message gets delivered directly to their personal phone.

You will save time with mobile marketing  as you are only required to invest a  minimal amount of time into the venture in order to communicate to a large number of customers at once. And, you can do this without investing a lot of money or time, all while ensuring that you reach the intended audience of individuals interested in what you have to offer. This is possible because you have advance way to use WhatsApp via interactive dashboard. If you have not seen how WhatsApp Marketing Software looks like, you should pay a visit to

WhatsApp is targeted advertising; while other forms of advertising, crush as radio, print and TV are not. You will only be corresponding with people that have opted in or chosen to receive offers from you. This category of consumers is therefore more likely to accept your offer and also look forward too for more of your offers.

WhatsApp Marketing Results in Success

WhatsApp messages have a high open rate because 90% of the messages are read within a few minutes of them being sent. This results in sales most of the time within a short time of the advertisement being sent. People prefer WhatsApp marketing as well so it is a win-win situation..

WhatsApp marketing is cost efficient and generates the highest rate of return for each penny used in advertising. At only a few pennies each message sent the form of marketing is certainly one of the most affordable.

WhatsApp messages arrive instantly with no filters, getting direct to the intended target creating a stronger relationship between the marketer and consumer. It is a personalized way to reach your audience, and as you are probably already aware, customers love to connect on a personal level.

Since WhatsApp ads are direct and short, consumers are able to digest the information immediately without having to make sense of what the ad is actually about, like is common in print media.

WhatsApp marketing allows you to determine the scope and results of your advertising with the number of responses received. This therefore helps you segment your list to include one that produces instant sales every time you send a WhatsApp message concerning a new advertisement.

In addition, evaluating results allows you to be able to target different campaigns to specific customers in order to produce high redemption rates.

Since customers like being involved with a new and exciting trend such as technology, using WhatsApp messaging delivered to their latest cell phones gets them to respond accordingly and opt in to your marketing campaign easily.


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