Singapore – Must-Visit Tourist Destination

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Singapore is one of the most visited places by people residing all over the world. The city is very clean and everywhere greenish environment to reduce the pollution. Even two-wheelers are less in number to control pollution. In order to get you own bike, one must have to meet specific conditions. Thus, city is clean as well as safe and hence, tourists long to come here to enjoy the beauty of the country.

The Night safari in Singapore is also the best one suited for all ages. This safari will be organized by the Singapore zoo authorities. It is located humid tropical region, looks like forest and the entry to the safari is available only at the night. Here they will take the visitors in tram or walking train. The light will be as such we feel like it is a moon light. There are about 2500 endangered species of animals and they will be walking through the park and make us feel that it is a natural habitat. Some food parks available and you can find comedy performances during the safari.

The city is famous for lottery games, though it is banned in some countries. Here the Singapore Government allows private company named “Singapore Pools” to provide Singaporeans with a legal avenue to bet on lotteries. Since 1 My 2004, Singapore Pools is owned by the Singapore Totalizator Board which is a statutory board under the Ministry of Finance.

Singapore Totalizator Board is also known as Tote board. They have got the legal rights from the Singapore Government to operate on various gaming activities. It manages to provide various games and bets such as 4D games, TOTO games, Singapore Sweep, Horse racing and sports betting etc. through its agent and wholly-owned subsidiary “Singapore Pools Private Limited”.

Among these games, popular game is 4-D and according to survey around 53 percent of Singaporeans participate in lottery. Residents in Singapore aged 18 above take part in gambling, among them 64 percent in 4D and 78 percent in regular gambling activities, 4D found to be most popular among them, you can check 4d results here.

In 4-digit lottery Singapore, the player can play by selecting any of the number between 0000 to 9999; around 23 winning numbers are drawn each time if any one number matches the number that player has brought then prize will be won, the price money will depend on the prize category that the number falls and the option you selected in ticket. Thus, people play lottery to relieve stress and tension. The only way to start is to do a reality check before playing.


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