Simple Wallpaper Border Decorating Tips

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When you have got your room painted, you will be thinking to get some finishing touch. That can be anything like wallpaper or bordering the wallpaper with new designs and brilliant life-like patterns and images.

You should start your work by picking some border color that goes nicely with it. In other case if you have already painted your room, then also fine. In such case find your border color best suiting your paint color. In order to decide your paint color, you can purchase a color wheel to help you decide on accent and complementary colors. You can even go through some reviews like wallpaper Singapore review as that may help you to get some idea regarding paint and wallpaper border colors.

If you want to save some money and need tips regarding on how to complete the look of your room when using border, will suggest some idea. For example, your child’s room is going to have a puppy theme, to give some finishing touch you will have to buy some puppy wallpaper border. Next you have to buy a puppy calendar and some picture frames. For getting picture frames, try to your local shops to spend some less money. Now, fit the pictures form the calendar into the frames. Now, hang it on the wall to od with your puppy theme. This is an easiest way to save your money.

Another great idea for completing your theme when using wallpaper border, is making canvas fabric wall art. For this kind of theme, you will be in need of fabric and frame to put your fabric on. Make use of a canvas frame used for painting pictures with or without the canvas material. Additionally, you will require things like glue or stapler to attach your fabric to the frame. Most of the people personally recommend staple gun as it secures the fabric better.

For the fabric, you can go to a second-hand shop and pick some colors or patterns that would look good with your theme. Now, just wrap the fabric around the frame to the back edge, folding the unnecessary corners and make a nice fit securing it tightly. Hang your fabric wall art. You can hang them on the wall in a straight vertical line, horizontally, or even in a tight group of different patterns and colors. This is just another idea to include with your theme when using border. Thus, using the above ideas design your wall with attracting paintings and wallpaper borders.


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