Ryan toy review

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Ryan is a child YouTube star. He has his own YouTube channel called Ryan ToysReview. This small boy reviews a new toy every day over YouTube. These videos have become very popular. His Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge received over 1.26 billion views when it appeared online in April 2018.It was also touted as one of the most reviewed videos on YouTube. This small child Ryan is all of six years old but is currently the 8th highest paid YouTube entrepreneur. He is said to have brought in revenue of $11 million between 2016 and 2017.

Ryan is associated with making videos for YouTube since March 2015.He was influenced by several other toy review channels such as EvanTubeHD. His mother quit her job as a high school chemistry teacher to work full time in launching the YouTube channel. Ryan Toys Review is currently the most popular channel on YouTube. It is also the second largest channel in the world currently. It has surpassed the popularity of other prominent channels like PewDiePie, Justin Bieber, Buzzfeed etc. which previously were hugely popular.

The norm of reviewing toys in YouTube began in the year 2013 when a channel called DisneyCollectorBR made headlines and was one among the top 10 most reviewed channels. This channel was run by an adult woman who refrained from showing her face but unboxed toys and showed the world how to play with them. But these channels gained massive3 popularity when kids became the hosts of these channels. According to newspaper reports, some 20 of the top 100 YouTube channels are currently focussed on toys. These toy channels are also managing to grab a huge share of revenues. No wonder then that kids like Ryan are making the best use of this growing popularity. The videos in this channel are quite slow so that small kids can grasp the contents of it.


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