Quebec – The Preferred Destination for Immigration

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Quebec is one of the biggest provinces in Canada. The place is home to a number of reputed educational institutions and companies. Newcomers to the province find some of the best integration services like employment training or counselling, free language training, free healthcare services, heavily subsidized post secondary education and free education in public schools. Quebec has a major shortage of skilled workers and a declining population. Hence the province tries to make up for this shortage by integrating new comers and immigrants into the society.

This season is the last chance for people who wish to immigrate to Quebec through the First come first served basis. From the next season onwards entry to Quebec will be mostly through the Express Entry system which is based on the skills of the applicant. In this case, you will be graded on the basis of your skills and compared with other applicants. In case of the First come First serve basis, you will be granted a visa if you meet the requirements set forth by the Government of Canada. There are many immigration lawyers in Canada, who are well versed with the documentation process and immigration laws. These lawyers help thousands of people every year to immigrate to Quebec. It is a very good idea to consult them and get their services. This can speed up the immigration process and can help you to get into Quebec easily and start a new life in the beautiful place.

Immigration to Quebec is different from immigration to Canada. The procedure is different and one cannot enter Quebec through the Canadian immigration program. In order to enter Quebec, an applicant should obtain a Quebec selection certificate. They should also apply to the federal Government for Canadian permanent residence.

Quebec has a diverse culture which is a confluence of vibrant and diverse atmosphere. It is very clean and has a European influence. A large chunk of population speaks French in this province. It is currently trying to provide provincial health care to its residents. Quebec migration requires an applicant to be bilingual. He or she should have functional knowledge in French along with good English language skills. If you are not good in French, your overseas work experience will not be valued in the province of Quebec and you might end up losing out in the good jobs. But Quebec employers are one of the most preferred employers in Canada. This is because; they provide facilities such as maternity leaves, insurance policies, family holidays etc.


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