Leedon Green – A Minutes Drive Away From Hyderabad

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Leedon Green is a premier Singapore property development located north of the busy Singapore River. Here we review the features of the Leedon Green Condo, and prevailing property prices of similar products in the area. The Leedon Green Condo is one of the many high-end project built by prominent real estate developers, such as Sankoh Properties, Puma Singapore, and Icon International, among others. The main project features some high-rise tower construction, together with retail outlets and a shopping centre.

Located on a promenade, and next to a first-class family entertainment centre, the Leedon Green condominiums are among the best in Singapore, with exceptional views of the Singapore River and the buildings and landmarks towering on its skyline. It is also home to a good class bungalow condo, which offers a great relaxed lifestyle, and is conveniently located next to the MRT station. The building itself also offers a wide range of amenities, such as a fully-equipped fitness centre, an IT room, a restaurant with international cuisines, a car park, and a swimming pool. The Leedon Green apartments are serviced by the MRT, and all the features are fully accessible from the intercom inside the elevator.

The Leedon Green is located near the Singapore River, offering great outdoor opportunities for picnics and outdoor activities. There are a number of public parks located next to the Leedon Green condominium, including the Singapore Park Race Track and the Singapore Zoo. The Singapore River is close by, and provides boating and canoeing access. Boats are always available for rent at the Leedon Green Park Race Track, which is ideal for family fun day trips, or a fun-filled getaway for the whole family to enjoy. If you prefer going to the race track in style, the Singapore Zoo offers a great selection of shows, along with several restaurants, cafes, and pubs.

For those who like to shop at the mall, the Farrer Road shopping area is also close by, with the popular shopping centres, such as Serta World, offering top notch quality at budget prices. The Farrer Road mall is also home to the world’s second largest cinema, the mall’s Central Business District. For those seeking to take in some business, the fully-stocked Serta Mall offers high speed internet access, a mini cinema, and premium hotels. On the other side of Farrer Road, just opposite the Farrer Road Shopping Centre is the fully-stocked Orchard Road market, which boasts of over 300 shops, restaurants, bars, and other businesses.

Leedon Green itself offers a plethora of attractions for residents and tourists alike. Located on the top six floors of a major commercial property development, the building is known for its many features, such as its large amount of rooftop gardens, and fitness facilities. The Leedon Green apartments are ideally located for these rooftop gardens and come equipped with security gates to prevent intruders from gaining entry. The retail offerings at this high-end development are located within walking distance of all of the Leedon Green properties. The property boasts of a total of 638 residential units spread across seven blocks, which are made up of three prominent developments. These developments include apartment blocks, townhouses, and single-detached houses.

The residential units in Leedon Green are all highly efficient, luxurious, and well appointed, featuring hardwood floors, central air conditioning systems, washer/dryers, security systems, walk-in tubs, fireplaces, and much more. To accommodate its growing population, the Leedon Green freehold condo offers a multitude of perks and services, ranging from a free local shuttle to pet services for the pampered resident. Amenities include over two hundred pounds of meat on hand for the dog lover, free high speed internet access, a free laptop for use while on the job, free parking, and a free babysitting service for children under twelve years old. All of these services can be enjoyed during your free time without having to sacrifice your schedule!


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