LCD Picture Frame

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Digital picture frames have long revolutionized the way we look at photos. One does not have to use bulky cameras with tonnes of film to shoot photos these days. One can capture very high resolution photos using digital cameras which are available in multiple sizes and functionalities. Even the smart phones these days are equipped with very good cameras which has made it easier to capture photos. Many people are now picking up photography as a profession due to these advances in technology.

In the same way, one can also store these photos safely for a long time in various digital storage devices. Unlike printed images the quality of these photos does not get dwindled with age. But when photos are stored in hard discs, computers or any other digital storage, one rarely gets to see it. Digital picture frames can help people to see the photos on a regular basis and refresh their memories. Seeing photos with loved ones in them is found to improve a person’s mood drastically.

Digital picture frames in its simplest form comprises of a small inbuilt computer which can display pictures over a LCD screen in the form of a slide show. These LCD picture frames come with different memory capacities and based on this, their costs also vary. But it can be safely said that the LCD picture frames do not cost a bomb. One can easily afford it and transfer pictures using a USB or memory. Most of these digital picture frames also have wifi options. One can transfer photos and even videos using the internet as a medium very easily. Rock-bottom prices on some frames may render them mighty attractive, but beware of subpar images. Only consider models with a resolution of 640 by 480 or higher which is quite efficient in displaying images.

Also one should pick and choose a digital [picture frame depending on his or her usage. If one has a large house or a hallway a big sized picture frame is ideal. Similarly LCD picture frames with big screens are also used in advertising in malls, airports, hospitals etc. Large frames have very high resolution and are extremely beneficial. This is because people can upload images or make changes even when the photos are being displayred. They can now save thousands on printed materials. Typically, the larger the display, the more you’ll pay. Some frames are bezel free and cleanly designed, while others add mats and wooden surrounds for a more traditional look.

Several companies have made digital picture frames, including Polaroid, Kodak, Ceiva and GiiNii. The frames are fairly similar in construction, though they do offer some different features. Digital picture frames which are wifi enabled and have remote controlled access are well suitable for people who are old as they find it difficult to move around in a house. Same is the case with invalids. Most of the LCD picture frame also have inbuilt motion sensors which can detect movement and switch itself on and off, thereby saving on electricity bills. Some digital frames have huge storage and can be also customized according to one’s needs.


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