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Landscaping, even though has its roots in the ancient Mayan civilization has gained huge acclaim these days. Landscaping Melbourne has numerous benefits ranging from increasing the value of property and purification of air which is great for the environment as well as the human health. Tidying up the area around a house can also create separate areas in the garden for kids to play, elders to relax. The landscaped areas around a house are also found to be ideal for hosting parties.

Landscaping Mates is in huge demand these days because research has shown that even a single tree located in front of a home can increase the value of a property. It is also found that Landscaping can yield higher returns than any other home improvement act. A good and sophisticated landscape design can increase the value of a property in the range of 5 to 11 percent.

Some of the tips provided by reputed landscape architects that can enhance the beauty of a landscape are

  • Landscape architects suggest people to mow the edges of their lawn periodically which can make it appear as low maintenance. This Landscaping Melbourne tip can in turn increase the value of a property. You can also place a physical fence made of steel, brick, timber or stone to achieve the same effect
  • Try to solve the problems associated with your property using plants by implementing good landscaping methods. If you have a property that is overlooking a neighbour’s house or busy roads, the property value reduces. To prevent this, invest in plants or take the advice of a good landscape architect to plant plants that can create an effective visual barrier or blocks the sounds.
  • Choose good utility mulch such as pine barks or forest fines and also take steps to remove the weeds and prevent its growth. These can go a long way in enhancing the visual appeal of a garden. Utility mulches like the ones mentioned provides a neater appearance for the garden, thereby increasing the selling price of your property. As much as possible avoid mulches such as dyed woodchips.
  • A home with a garden that can be easily maintained is usually the first choice of home buyers. To create this effect, minimise the number of plants in the garden.
  • A well maintained garden is usually the first thing people notice when buying a property. So it is advisable to prune the garden and tidy it up as much as possible to create a great landscaping effect


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