How To Select A Coffee Roaster?

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Coffee Roaster is a type of machine that transforms the chemical and physical properties of green coffee beans into roasted coffee beans. When you decide to roast coffee bean by own, then you should get a coffee roaster. The first step is to decide what size of coffee roaster you would like to have to fit in your kitchen along with other appliances.

The reason why people want to roast beans at home by own is to get freshness and the quality of the roast. Green coffee beans that are unroasted, you can simply roast then using coffee roaster whenever needed. Green coffee beans are cheaper and last longer than ready roasted beans, เมล็ด กาแฟ คั่ว with affordable price is available in Thailand.

The basic types of coffee roasters are fluid bed/ Air roasters and Drum roasters.

Fluid Bed/ Air Roasters:

If you want to roast your own coffee beans at home, then the first thing is you must get a standard fluid roaster. Usually, these machines are small and can be compact to fit in your kitchen. They are especially designed for small-medium home use.

You will roast the coffee beans using this roaster and you don’t have to stand in front of them, as it roasts fairly. These kinds of roasters work like pop-corn makers in that they use hot air during roast process. You can see how roasting is going on and can control it if needed.

If you are “newbie” home roaster, then this roaster may suit you best. When you have more experience, you can go for buying bigger and more complex roaster. The disadvantage is that you can’t roast more beans at once and will burn out if you use them too often.

Drum Roaster:

If fluid bed roaster is not right for you to make fine roast of beans, then go for drum roaster. They were only seen in coffee shops and stores, but now can use for domestic purpose too.

Drum roasters are more expansive when to fluid bed roasters. They will roast more beans at once. They will work on convention or conduction method. They tend to be more complete operate than fluid bed roasters.

When you are buying this drum roaster, make arrangement for ventilation as they give off a lot of smoke while roasting. If you are new to home roast, it is better to go for fluid bed roaster.

Whichever type of machine you choose to buy, it is necessary to read some user reviews on the internet before you buy a roaster.


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