High ROI Home Improvements That Homeowners Love

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Homeowners spend billions of dollars combined every year to remodel their houses and make them look exactly how they want them to look like.

Does that mean every homeowner is doing his home remodeling project right? Well, the answer is, no. The average return homeowners are getting after home remodeling projects is on a decline. But the key to investing and getting profit on your house is making good decisions when doing its remodeling, and choosing high ROI improvements that pay you back when you sell your house.

Here are some of the best high ROI projects that you can do with your house.

Finishing The Basement

Lots of high income homeowners like the basements of their houses finished and ready to use whenever they want to. This is like adding another story and more square footage to your house, and it increases the price of your house considerably.

After looking at some stats, it turns out that fining the basement of your house is a project that can provide you with up to 69% ROI when selling your house.

Open Up The Floor Plan

You can knock a wall down to open up the whole floor plan. This will attract a lot of buyers looking for an open floor plan. Open arrangement of your house always allows more natural light to come in, save your power bill, and gives the impression that you have more space than you actually do.

However, the whole structural support of your house must remain intact during projects like these. So, take no risks, and hire a reputable contractor like Icon Remodeling to survey your house before doing anything.

Get a Steel Door

Getting a door of steel as the entry door of your house returns around 91% at the time of sale of your house. Steel doors pack lots of efficiency, and are low maintenance as well.


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