Hair Loss Solutions for Women

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Hair loss solutions take many forms. Most people never give any thought to finding a treatment for hair loss until it becomes significant. Hair loss is a normal part of aging and you will find that your hair starts to thin out as you get older. However, it is when you start to lose your hair in your younger years that you start to panic. Although many men seem to take it in stride, hair loss for women can be a very traumatic experience. Today there are proven hair restoration methods available for both men and women! Says experts from Hair Ink SMP Gold Coast.

Solutions for Hair Loss

Today, solutions to hair loss in women are plentiful and scheduling a visit to a doctor or dermatologist to eliminate any underlying medical conditions is the first step. Sometimes the treatment can be as simple as making changes to the diet. In fact, many diets that lack protein and other important nutrients can cause hair loss! Women who are anorexic, bulimic or who have had gastric bypass surgery are at high risk for losing their hair. Traumatic events, such as stress or even sometimes giving birth, can also result in women’s hair loss. However, usually once the trauma is over the hair starts to grow back.

If the reason for baldness in women is the result of genetics, then there are options open to them including:

  • Hair transplants with follicular unit transplantation where the surgeon takes a section of hair follicles and grows them in a lab. Then the surgeon will place these new hair follicles under the existing hair, from where it will grow out.
  • Hair braiding techniques, where synthetic hair is combined with existing hair to produce a full head of hair.
  • A regimen of Rogaine, originally intended as a treatment for men, but is now approved as a product for women.
  • Revivogen – a natural treatment for the early stages of hair loss

The dermatologist or doctor will advise you of all your options so you may choose the treatment remedy best suited to help hair regrowth or hair replacement.


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