Grooming Tips for Men

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Previously men were not giving much importance to grooming. All they cared about was to get a shave and a haircut. But nowadays the scenario has changed, nowadays grooming is very much important for men as much as it is for a woman. There are makeup artists especially for men who have suggested various grooming tips in aspiringgentleman. These are

Eyebrows – Stylists recommend men to trim the eyebrows and get it cleaned professionally by experts. Even though one need have to shape it like women, men should clean it up and brush it before leaving for the day.

Ears and neck – Men should get their hairs in the ears and neck region cleaned regularly by a barber. According to experts, it is not a good sight to see long ear hairs or neck hairs that can get into the collar of a shirt and it makes a person to look less appealing.

Nails – Dirty, long fingernails look ugly on a man and they have to be trimmed regularly. If possible try to get a manicure or pedicure done on a regular basis .Also try buffing the nails as much as possible. This will provide them the necessary shine and they no longer appear artificial.

Dental hygiene – It does not take much to brush and floss your teeth daily. It helps in maintaining dental hygiene. It also beautifies your smile and makes you to look appealing as a smile is the first thing that people notice about a person.

Posture – Posture plays a key role in men. One should always make it a habit to stand straight. This will showcase confidence and pride and makes a man to appear handsome. It also shows that one is secure in his own skin.

Fragrance– Choose a perfume that is subtle but not too strong. Also wear it little bit and keep on wearing it throughout the day. This will make a person to appear well groomed.

Match your belt and shoes – In order to makes the clothes to look better, one should always make it a habit to match his or her belt with his shoes. This simple tip makes you to appear nice and well groomed.

Hair cut – Get a haircut done once every four weeks in order to maintain your hairstyle or if you notice that your hair needs a cut. Also know the products that work for your hair. Waxes and pomades work best for men with thicker hair. On the other hand, lighter products and sprays are good for thinner hair.


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