Features Of Cell Phone Monitoring Software

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Probably not all people aware about the features offered by the spying application. Initially cell phone spying app listen to calls and conversations, but now one can able to track SMS messages, GPS location and chats of social media sites. Now, let us discuss all those features of cell phone spying applications in detail:

Some of the features offered by all major companies include:

Monitoring text Messages:

You can able to monitor all SMS text messages sent and received on suspect’s phone and can able to read the actual contents with date and time stamps.

Detailed Call Logs:

You can able to view details of every call made or received by the suspect’s phone and hence, get the actual phone numbers as well as time and duration of conversation.

Internet Browsing History:

This will give you the overall browsing history with list of websites used by suspect. One such NetSpy app to track internet browsing history, helps you better in case of this feature.

GPS Tracking:

This feature allows you to track the monitored cell phone in real-time and view their location using Google map feature with recent movements of the cell phone. You can usually see this on a map, and it is very accurate.

Monitor E-mail:

Using spy applications, you can actually monitor e-mails sent and received by suspect. It actually includes the contents and details of sender along with date.

Files Stored on the Phone:

You will be able to monitor files stored in target phone such as videos, photos, contacts, calendars and other personal files.

Call recording:

This advanced feature allows you to record the voice calls made or received by the target cell phone. You can even download the recordings and keep them for play back.

Monitor message services:

People frequently use services like WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, BB Messenger, Imo and others and chats involved with the above services can also be monitored using soy application.

Monitor social sites:

Some of the spy programs having a feature which will allow you to monitor all activity on popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Record phone surroundings:

This feature actually activates the suspect phone’s microphone to record the surrounding sound and thus, acting like a remote bug.

Remote controls:

This is such a powerful feature that allows you to control activities of target phone remotely. You can remotely start or pause the spy app, lock and unlock the phone or even wipe all data from the target phone and most of the people are not aware about this powerful feature.


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