Dentures in Fort Worth

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Dentures also called as false teeth are the best option for people who suffer from lost or missing teeth. A denture can help people to communicate better and to eat even hard foods with ease. In case partial dentures are required, using one prevents loss of remaining teeth and also helps the patient’s face from getting disfigured or sagged. It can thereby improve a patient’s confidence levels and can help him or her to appear younger.

People who have lost all the teeth owing to Injury, accident or old age should invest in complete dentures. These dentures or false teeth are fixed over a plate and placed in the mouth to sit over the gums. These can provide the impression of real teeth but have to be periodically checked for problems due to receding jaw line or daily wear and tear. These dentures can be removed and put again.

Partial dentures are used in case only some teeth are missing. They are shaped by a sedation dentistry technician according to the jaw structure .Even the colour of teeth and gums are matched to imitate the original tooth. They comprise of metal clasps which keep the denture in place. hey are more or less visible making the wearer feel uncomfortable. Partial dentures do not require as much maintenance as complete dentures.

Fixed dentures on the other hand require minor surgeries and they are built to last. They can be treated just like natural tooth. This is a long lasting denture even though the healing time is more in such cases.

Cost of Dentures

Dentures are the most affordable forms of false teeth. Temporary dentures cost very less and are quite economical in Fort Worth. They are however required to protect other teeth and to prevent the face from looking old. Dentures cost anywhere between $1300 to $1500 depending on the type required.


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