Control Weeds In Garden

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Every gardener is concerned about removing weeds from their gardens. The weeds will spoil the beauty of garden and the evenness of lawns, they sometimes outshine the plants that a gardener is trying to grow either because weeds are more vigorous or they share the nutrients. The methods of removing weeds from the garden will come under different categories including mechanical weeding, hand pulling, cropping and few biological methods.

Each methods have its own qualities and a gardener can use one of these methods or combination of them to control. However weed killers are widely used by many gardeners because of their effective usage. All the perennial weeds can be removed by hand and the large weeds should be treated with ready to use herbicides, make sure that you cover other necessary plants with plastic sheet before spraying and leave the sheets upon the plant until the spray is dried. You can find few best weed killer for large areas that are readily available in the market. There are different types of weed killers, if the weeds are of long tap root type then you can buy selective weed killers.

The selective weed killers can be applied using a spray bottle or inject them to the leaves of weed plant by following the instructions given in herbicide product. Once you spray the herbicide on plants, they absorb it by leaves into the sap and are then circulated throughout the plant, ensure that you spray the weed killer during early summer or late spring when the tendency of plant growth is higher. And therefore the weed killer would be more effective than any other methods.

This type of weed killer is perfect for plant hormones which stimulate the plant cells through which they multiply rapidly, herbicide will kill the metabolism of the plant to greater extent. The gardener can even try grass killers that are most effective when made use it as a fine spray and they also can even try using soil fumigants and soil sterilant that can completely clean the soil and remove all the plants making the soil to get ready for planting fresh plants in the garden.

To maintain a good, clean and beautiful garden, a gardener should use weed control products according to their requirements. Another important factor to keep in mind is that in order to use the weed killer in an effective way, the spray should be very fine. The fine spray will guarantee that entire weed is covered.


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