A Perfect Guide for a Family Portrait Photography

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Want to create your family portrait, which is unlike the usual one with the usual pose? Then you can benefit from the following tips listed at Instant Glamour,  photography studio Singapore:

Have a theme in mind for the family portrait. As for the clothes that would be worn by all of you , you can go in for the formal look, all of you in a suit or a dress. And the parents can be made to sit in the center with the children on their laps or standing behind them. Be sure to have a background that is appropriate enough to keep the focus of the portrait on you & your family. Have subdued lighting for the portrait.

This is the usual and standard pose that people opt for in family portrait photography. If you desire to be a little more creative, then make some changes in the pose. Say, if all of you like sports, you can get dressed in sports outfits and pose for the family portrait. To give a full impact to it, make sure to have the appropriate props and lighting.

If you desire a formal picture, but with something unique in it, you can color coordinate the clothes worn by you and your family. Have everyone dressed in some specific color of your choice.

Opt for a background that will complement or contrast the color and thus highlights it to a great effect

Have everyone decide on a theme for a family portrait. Then let the whole family vote for the perfect idea. Alternatively, if you are unable to device, you can pick one randomly to select the theme for the family portrait.

For family portrait photography, it is advisable of you to take many photos possible from various angles and compositions. With digital photography, you can shoot many pictures without the trouble of having to develop or print all; instead you can select the best one. This provides you with the option to analyze the outcome and make changes to the portrait, if any. Keep experimenting, as it is not always the first pose to give you that perfect composition for the ideal family portrait. In family portrait photography, be on the lookout for that family member who has closed eyes in the photo.


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